Amsterdam skyline tours

Group Tours Amsterdam

Are you planning a group Tour in Amsterdam and looking for a unique way to explore the city? Look no further than our group tours. This unforgettable experience is perfect for groups of all sizes, offering stunning views of Amsterdam’s historic buildings, picturesque bridges, and vibrant neighborhoods.

unforgettable adventure

Our group tours are easy to book and convenient for every age. Simply visit our website and select the date and time that works best for your group. Do you have special needs? Then we kindly ask you to send us an e-mail!

Party or wedding?

Our boat is ideally suited for parties and weddings. When celebrating, we can take up to 120 people on board. On board are also all the necessities for a good party. There is a professional sound system, DJ set and lighting. Check out one of our latest party’s!


One of the highlights of our Amsterdam group tours is the chance to see some of Amsterdam’s most famous landmarks from the water. As you sail along, your group will pass by the NEMO Science Museum, the iconic Eye Film Institute, and the towering A’DAM Toren. You’ll also get a unique view of the city’s many bridges, during the group tours Amsterdam, which are some of the most beautiful and historic structures in Amsterdam.

Welcome aboard!

At the end of your tour, your group will have a newfound appreciation for the beauty and history of Amsterdam. And you’ll have unforgettable memories of sailing along the canal T’IJ on a three-masted sailing ship.

So why wait? Book your group tour Amsterdam on a boat tickets today and experience the magic of Amsterdam from a whole new perspective. We look forward to welcoming your group aboard!